Canon Printer Error Code 6000

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  • 01 March 2021

Canon Printers are one of the most advanced printers globally, and for a good reason, these are designed and custom printers made to meet the customer's specific requirements. There are different models of Canon Printers, and each model comes with its unique features and functions. Even though Canon Printers are user-friendly, you may sometimes encounter errors that prevent you from completing your printing tasks. Canon Printer Error Code 6000 is one such error that disrupts your work because it does not allow you to print new documents. This blog will briefly give you the steps you can use to fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000 and carry on using the printer. Since it is impossible to provide detailed troubleshooting steps in this blog like this, you can call the Canon Printer help number and ask for additional assistance if you do not understand any of the steps mentioned below.

Why Canon Printer Error Code 6000 Occurs?

Canon Printer Error 6000 is a hardware error that indicates a problem with one of the printer components. To find the best solution to fix the Canon Printer error, it helps to know what caused the error in the first place. Here are some of the causes that are responsible for Canon Printer Error 6000:

  1. The feed tray of the printer is blocked and cannot be opened. This blockage is caused due to the accumulation of dust particles or pieces of paper.
  2. Canon Printer Error Code 6000 can also occur if the paper tray was not correctly attached to the printer at the time of installation.
  3. Sometimes users give multiple print commands to speed up the printing process. However, these numerous commands can cause errors.
  4. The line feed may be smeared or scratched, or there are sensor unit defects in the printer that may have caused the error.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000

Restarting or resetting your Canon Printer is the safest and most effective way to troubleshoot any hardware errors, including Canon Printer Error Code 6000. You can refer to the instructions below to reset the printer and resolve the error:

  1. You need to disconnect your Canon printer from the power source and let it remain idle for a couple of minutes.
  2. Then carefully reconnect the power cable for the printer, insert it into the power socket and turn it on.
  3. Hold the power button of your Canon printer for a few seconds, and then press the 'Stop' button twice.
  4. Repeat this procedure twice and then release the power button. After you release the power button, press the 'Stop' button four times.

After you have reset the printer, try and print a test document. If you find that the error is still not resolved, then you can call the Canon Printer support number and see if you can implement any advanced troubleshooting steps.