A Complete Guide to Setup Canon TR4500 Printer – Ij Start Canon

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  • 22 April 2022

Are you struggling to setup your Canon TR4500 printer so that you can print your crucial documents to meet your business requirements?
Setup of Canon TR4500 printer is the fundamental step to be implemented after purchasing the Canon TR4500 printer.
Day by day technology has been upgrading so that new featured smart printers can be availed by users like you.

In this post, you will find several ways to setup your Canon TR4500 printer so that you can amazing printing experience.


Setup to unbox Canon TR4500 printer -

•    Your Canon PIXMA TR4500 printer is delivered safely to minimize damages during shipment. 
•    Use scissors to unbox and ensure that all the products are undamaged. 
•    Place your printer in a well-ventilated and clean area. 
•    Remove all the protective tapes.
•    Attach the power cable at back of the printer and attach another end to the power supply. 
•    Turn on the Canon PIXMA TR4500 printer and set the fundamental settings. 
•    Take out the rear tray and place some paper sheets on it and close it. 
•    Install the required cartridges into the proper slots. 


Follow the below steps before the Canon TR4500 printer setup –

•    Have the model number of your printer ready before starting the setup process. 
•    Ensure your device has enough storage space to install the driver. 
•    Make sure that the printer is connected correctly in the power outlet. 
•    Make sure your device has a high-speed internet connection. 


Downloading and installing of Canon TR4500 drivers -

For Windows -

Before following the below steps, ensure to connect your PC to the internet – 
Tap on the link, choose [Save], specify ‘Save As’ then tap [Save] to download the file. 
The downloaded file will be saved in the mentioned place in self-extracting form i.e., in .exe format. 
Double-click on .exe file. Your file will be decompressed and the setup screen will be displayed. 
Follow the mentioned instructions to install the software and execute the required settings.

Windows Compatible – 
Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit.


For Mac-

Follow below steps for download and installation -

•    Tap on the link and the download will begin automatically. 
•    Files would be saved on your system desktop. 
•    To mount the Disk image, double-click on the file. 
•    Now double-click the mounted disk image. 
•    Now double-click the .pkg file in the folder so that installation will start automatically. 
Mac compatibility - 
macOS 10.14.x, macOS 10.13.x, macOS 10.12.x, Mac OS X 10.11.x, Mac OS X 10.10.x, Mac OS X 10.9.x, Mac OS X 10.8.x, Mac OS X 10.7.x, Mac OS X 10.6.x


Setup Canon TR4500 printer for Windows using http://ij.start.canon

Wireless method –

•    For Canon TR4500 Wi-Fi setup, you have to download and install the printer drivers from the site i.e., ij.start.cannon
•    Turn on your printer. 
•    Open the downloaded driver setup file and click on next until you find the screen mentioning options to select ‘Wireless setup’. 
•    After selecting wireless option, go to Canon printer screen and click on Wi-Fi setup button. 
•    Choose the device settings and tap on OK. 
•    Select Device Settings -> LAN settings and tap OK button. 
•    Now Open ‘LAN settings’ and choose the ‘Wireless LAN setup’ option then tap OK. Now your printer will look for access point. 
•    Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is switched on. After this, Wi-Fi flash lamp will blink in the printer. 
•    A network list will be opened where you have to choose your Wi-Fi network and then tap OK. 
•    Now you have to mention your WPA/WEP key (Wi-Fi password) correctly and tap the OK button.
•    After some time, your printer will be connected to Wi-Fi network. 
•    Follow below steps to ensure that your printer is added to your Windows system – 
•    Open Control Panel and choose ‘Devices and printers. 
•    Verify whether your printer is visible on the next screen with a green checkmark.  In case its not visible, you have to manually add on by tapping on ‘Add printer’ option. 
•    You will now see a list of all available printers on the next screen. Choose your printer from that list. 
•    Click next and wait until your printer gets added. 
•    When it will be added, your printer is visible with a green checkmark. 


USB method –

•    Visit ij.start.canon to download the Canon printer driver and complete the installation process. 
•    Now connect printer and windows system with USB cable.
•    Go to the Run box and mention ‘Control Panel’ and tap on OK. 
•    Now, choose the ‘Devices and Printers option. Your printer will be displayed with a Green check-mark. 
•    In case your printer is not visible, tap on ‘Add printer’ to add manually. 
•    The printer is ready for use. 


Setup Canon TR4500 printer for Mac using http://ij.start.cannon

•    Visit ij start cannon to download and setup the driver and move to the next step. 
•    Follow the mentioned instructions in the first part of this post to connect the Canon printer on the same Wi-Fi network as your device. 
•    Open System Preferences by tapping on the Apple icon on the top-left corner of your Mac. You can also open it from the search option. 
•    Tap on the printer shaped icon mentioned as ‘Printers and scanners’ from the System Preferences window. 
•    Tap on the “+” sign located near the bottom-left corner on the screen after which a pop window will be displayed. 
•    Your printer’s name will be visible in the left-hand pane if its already connected over the network. Tap on it to start the setup process. 
•    After completion of this process, your printer will be displayed with a Green check mark. You can now execute the test print to verify it.


Canon TR4500 IJ Network Device Setup Utility –

•    Switch on your printer after connecting it to the power supply.
•    Visit the manufacturer’s site and mention the printer model number and OS version of your system. 
•    Tap on the download button to download the printer driver file. 
•    To install the printer driver on your system, run the setup file.  
•    To choose the additional applications which are to be installed on your system, use the Custom Install option. 
•    With the MP driver package, the Network Device Setup Utility also gets installed. 


Canon Pixma TR4500 Review -

You can print, scan, copy and fax documents easily and quickly by using simple options such Motorcar document feeder which enables fast scanning and faxing.
Motorcar 2-sided (duplex) printing which helps you to cut down prices up to fifty percent
A crossbreed ink system for ultra-rich colors and incorporated Wi-Fi property which allows remote access to the printer via Airprint, Mopria print solution and the Canon Print application. 
Users like you can run the Canon PIXMA TR4500 via articulate commands due to its compatibility with Amazon.com Alexa and Google Aide. 
This flexible printer would get mould right into any work environment interior design with its sleek and minimal design. 
This is available in two shades i.e., black and white.


Resolving IJ Start Canon TR4500 printer issues -

There are several issues related to printing, scanning and copying. With right process, you can resolve errors quickly –

1. Canon printer not working issues –
Due to a damaged power cable, this issue arises. Check the cable for any damages. Replace the cable in case it’s worn out. 
In case the Canon TR4500 setup name doesn’t display on the list of available devices, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. 
Verify whether the installed driver has been updated. Corrupted drivers doesn’t show the printer’s name. 

2. IJ Start Canon TR4500 not printing issue –

•    In case the Canon TR4500 printer is unable to connect to the system, verify whether the USB cable is working rightly. The USB cable mustn’t exceed 3m in length. 
•    Do not connect multiple devices to the port as it can minimize the power supply. 
•    In case the printer is unable to connect to a wireless network, check and remove any objects reducing the single strength between the printer and the router. 
•    Pull out all the metal objects between the devices for a better signal frequency. 

3. IJ Start Canon TR4500 USB Connection issue – 

•    In case the connection between the printer and system fails, reconnect the cable to a different USB port. 
•    In case the printer is connected to a hub, detach it and connect to the system directly. 
•    Verify whether the printer is connected to a proper port. 
•    After trying all these solutions, try printing a test page. 

4. Fix scanning issue in Canon TR4500 –

•    Ensure that the printer is in the active state or not. 
•    In case the drivers are not installed correctly, use the CD-ROM to install it.
•    Now, you have to store the scanned files and images in the IJ Scan Utility to open files in your apps. 
•    In case the system is connected to multiple printers, select your Canon TR4500 setup name from the mentioned list. Ensure that the printer’s name selected is correct.




How to print on IJ Start Canon TR4500?

•    Downgrade the front lid gently and take out the cassette until it stops. 
•    Slide the paper width guides to both the ends and insert paper sheets into it. 
•    Adjust it according to the size of the paper. 
•    Push the cassette back into the Canon TR4500 Setup and the paper information screen will be displayed on the panel. 
•    Tap on the right and left arrows to choose the paper size and type. 
•    Click on the password input area and proceed to enter your passphrase. 
•    Click on the OK button on the on-screen keyboard and then click OK on the screen. 
•    Now on your PC, install the Canon Pixma TR4500 Setup driver. 
•    Start the Pixma driver installer and choose the proper prompts on each screen. 
•    On the connection screen, choose ‘wireless’ and move further with the prompts. 
•    When the Canon Pixma driver gets installed, you will be able to print documents from your system wirelessly. 

IJ Start Cannon TR4500 Wireless connection –

•    Switch on your Canon printer, tap the menu or wireless button and hold it for at least 3 seconds. 
•    Wi-Fi has been enabled on your printer. Visit your system now and continue with the setup process. 
•    Download the driver file from the manufacturer’s site and run it. 
•    Tap Next on the Start setup screen and mention your username and password in the next screen. 
•    Select the Start setup option and click Next. Select your region and tap Agree in the information request screen. 
•    On the check connection method screen, click on the Yes option in case the correct network is displayed. 
•    Tap Allow in the next pop-up screen. 
•    Add your printer to the device list and print a test page. 


IJ Start Canon TR4500 Wireless direct -

•    Verify whether the Canon TR4500 setup has been turned on and tap the setup button on the operation panel. 
•    Choose the Device settings option and then select LAN settings. 
•    Click on the Wireless direct option and tap the OK button. 
•    Select Switch WL Direct in the next screen. 
•    Once the printer has been setup, click the Done option and then click OK. 
•    Switch on your device and enable the Canon TR4500 Wi-Fi setup on your device. 
•    Select the printer with the name DIRECT in it and mention the right credentials when prompted. 
•    Your printer and system are now connected via the wireless direct connection. 


Canon TR4500 Ink Cartridges -

You can generate amazing, professional-level high-quality prints at cost-effective rates by using high-quality compatible Canon TR4500 ink. 
There are several kinds of Canon TR4500 ink cartridges available viz., Canon CL-246XL Tri-Colour and the PG-245XL Black High-Yield Ink for Canon TR4500. 


Conclusion –

All of these steps will help you in setup your Canon TR4500 printer so that you can have an amazing printing experience which will save your time and allow you in scaling your business by making better decisions. 
In case you still have any queries or issues, feel free to connect with professionals and the tech support team which will help in resolving your issues.