4 Best Canon Printer for Home Use – 2022 Review

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  • 16 June 2022

Canon is considered as one of the well-known reputed names across the whole industry for decades in the market today mentioned as the reputation for creating some of the best Canon printer for home use. 

Hence, in case you are looking for a new device then Canon printers would be an amazing choice and in this article you will find amazing offerings from the company itself with price comparison tool so that you can compare prices to select best one according to your budget. 

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Canon MAXIFY GX6020 (GX6050 in UK)

Some of the amazing features of this printer is utmost performance with minimum running cost. 
All-in-one inkjet printer. 
24ipm (mono) print speed. 
250 + 100 sheets for paper capacity. 
Up to A4 paper size. 
11.6 kg weight.

Reasons to buy this Canon printer - 

Very low running cost with several of features. 

Reason to not buy this Canon printer - 

Very slow printing speeds with maximum buying rates. 

For diving home office printing, scanning and photocopying, as well as for children’s schoolwork duties, this is a largely cost-effective multi-function printer.
Up top, there’s a 35- distance bus document confluent while the frontal panel includes an OLED display and simple controls for stand alone use. 
It has a fairly small footmark with an internal paper feed mail and, as with enough much all of Canon’s current home/ office printers, it features both USB and Wi- Fi connectivity. publish pets are veritably respectable although the printer only uses a brace of color black andtri-colour charges. XL performances are available with runner yields of around 400 for black and 300 for colour. 
Document print quality is excellent but photo quality is a little lacking in sprightliness, discrepancy and tonal range.

Canon PIXMA G3560 MegaTank

This entry- position ‘ MegaTank ’ each- by- one printer does down with expensive and frequent cartridge reserves for high- volume document printing, rather featuring high- capacity essay tanks for each of its color black and bepaint
- grounded cyan, magenta and unheroic inks. 
It’s thus geared more towards document printing than top- quality print affair, which should be a good fit for utmost home/ small services. 
A full set of tanks is sufficient for around mono runners and colour runners although the sizeable savings in essay costs don’t readily stretch to paper inventories, as duplex printing is a purely home made affair.
Indeed so, it’s quick and veritably cost-effective for single- sided document printing. 

This printer is considered as an amazing choice for high-volume document printing for home purposes. 

Some of the specifications are - 

Type: Inkjet
Maximum printing / scan resolution : 4800/1200dpi
Consists of 4 cartridges / tanks. 
Mono/colour print speed : 10.8/6ipm. 
Available connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi 
Dimensions (WxDxH): 445x330x135mm
Weight: 6.4kg 

Why to buy -

Competitive buying rates and affordable running costs. 
High-capacity containing ink tanks, have no cartridges. 

Why not to buy - 

Contains only four inks. 
No auto duplex.

Canon PIXMA G650 MegaTank

Received 5 star review – Considered as a Mega-tank printer which is photo-fabulous.

Offering a volition to Canon’s popular ‘ cold-blooded ’ essay system, this MegaTank printer features large, refillable essay tanks for no lower than six color- grounded inks, comprising a print-friendly light cyan and light magenta and the common CMYK. Despite the lack of a color- grounded black, mono textbook is crisp and black, rather than the fairly feint slate frequently associated with color- grounded black essay. Either way, the printer really comes up trumps for high- volume print printing. Featuring essay tanks rather than conventional charges, you simply need to eclipse up the tanks when they ’re running out, which won’t be veritably frequently. It works out largely cheaper and saves the need to constantly buy relief charges. The yield from a full set of tanks works out to around 6×4- inch prints, or around mono documents and colour documents. 

Some of its features are 
Its an inkjet printer. 
Have 4800/1200dpi for maximum print/scan resolution. 
Consists of 6 ink cartridges. 
Provide USB and Wifi connectivity. 

Why to buy 

Saves upto  90 percent of ink.
Amazing photo quality.  

Why not to buy 

Comparatively slow printing speeds. 
No colour touchscreen.

Canon MAXIFY GX6050 MegaTank 

With the perfect CV for an office job, this MegaTank printer features refillable essay tanks, a scanner with a 50- distance bus document confluent, and a handy colour touchscreen for intuitive standalone scanning and photocopying. 
Publish pets are astonishingly presto, complete with an bus duplex installation, and there are both internal and hinder input servers, enabling the use of different media which might include letterheaded paper. 
With sufficient essay in the tanks for around mono runners and colour runners, stretching to and independently in ‘ frugality mode ’, the printer is likely to save around 85 per cent on the total power cost of a colour ray printer, suiting every business that needs to keep an eye on the nethermost line. 

Why to buy 

Super-fast, amazing document printing. 
Offering USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. 

Why not to buy 

Less requirement for top-quality picture output. 
Initial buying price is greater than regular inkjet printers.


Canon is considered as one of the top and reputed companies for providing best printers to its users for personal use, for photo printing as they has long history in photography. 
They have a diverse range of printers at different budget-friendly price so that you can get what you need the most.