Canon B200 Error – What Is It And How To Fix It?

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  • 22 April 2022

Canon printer is one of the most used printers worldwide for its outstanding features. However, when using it for your printing requirements, you may get multifaceted errors with your printer. Some issues can be resolved by applying simple troubleshooting errors; whereas, some errors can be a serious nuisance for your printer. Canon B200 is also one of the most intimidating errors that need to be resolved properly. If not, you may require trashing your printer. Read this full post to learn more about this error and the troubleshooting solutions.


What Promotes Error B200 In Your Canon Printer? 

The Canon Pixma series is one of the most favoured series in the whole Canon Printer Line. However, the printers of this series are highly prone to the Canon B200 error. This error is closely related to a defective print head. The print head is a crucial printer component required for a smooth printing process. The function of the print head is to distribute ink from the cartridge into the paper printout. Print heads need full care. If not, they become susceptible to problems. This error mainly occurs in the affordable models of the Canon printers. There are multiple ways to get rid of the Canon B200 error. Replacing print head stands atop others. Some other possible reasons behind the error are:

•    The cartridges are damaged or dried up.
•    A replica ink cartridge or jammed cartridge.
•    When the waste tank is full.
•    Overheating is also one of the main reasons behind the error.


How to Troubleshoot B200 Error in Canon Printers? 

Now that you know the most common reasons behind the error, below are some effective troubleshooting solutions that can eliminate Canon B200 errors:

Solution 1: Reset Your Canon Printer Model



In the first place, try to reset your Canon printer model using the below-given steps:

•    First of all, turn your Canon printer off to start the procedure.
•    Next, you need to press the Stop button and wait for a few seconds.
•    After that, press the ON button to turn your printer on.
•    Hold the ON button until you see the alarm light on.
•    Release the Stop button and then press it again five times.  
•    When holding the ON button, you need to release the ON and STOP buttons both.
•    It will turn the Canon printer off.
•    Wait for up to 2 hours to cool down the printer and then restart it.
•    Keep holding the ON button and release the Stop and ON buttons both.
•    Now try to print using your Canon printer to verify if the Canon B200 error is fixed. Move to the next solution if not.


Solution 2: Perform the Cleaning of Your Canon Print Head



Cartridges contain print heads that need to be cleared regularly. It can keep the B200 error at bay. There are two ways to get the task accomplished, which are described in the below-given sub-points:

2.1: Using the Driver Setup window

•    Open the printer driver setup window >> click on the maintenance tab. 
•    Now select Cleaning and it will open the Print Head Dialog box. Choose a suitable category of ink that you want to clean.
•    After that, hit Execute button and it should turn you’re your printer and initiate the cleaning process.
•    Once it is done, you will see the confirmation message for the same.
•    Next, you will see the Nozzle Check dialogue box, wherein, you need to click on Print Check Pattern and show whether the print quality has improved or not.

If you are still getting the annoying Canon B200 error, try to perform the same procedure manually.

2.2: Clean the Printhead Manually 

To clean the print hard manually:

•    First of all, you need to open the top cover of the printer and take out all the cartridges that are installed.
•    Next, take out the printhead with the utmost care as they are very fragile.
•    Moving ahead, hold a clean cotton cloth and dip it into lukewarm water.
•    After that, clean the extra ink deposited in the print head and wait until it dries.
•    Place it back when ready and install it carefully.
•    Insert all the ink cartridges and close the top cover to conclude the task.

Examine if the Canon B200 error is fixed or not by printing a test job.


Solution 3: Replace Old Ink Cartridge with a New One 



Error B200 in your Canon printer can also take place due to a faulty or dry cartridge. In such 
a case, you need to replace them to eliminate the error. To do so:

•    Make sure that the Canon printer is turned on.
•    Next, you need to open the front cover of the printer.
•    Now remove the paper and turn out the output cover in order to open it.
•    After that, push the cartridge down to remove it from the printer to replace it.
•    Moving ahead, place the new cartridge in its holder and place it and make sure it is properly fitted into the holder.

Important things to consider when replacing the cartridge:

•    Avoid staining your hands or the cleaning cloth inside the printer machine.
•    When replacing the cartridge, avoid touching any metallic or machine part inside.
•    Make sure that, placing the cartridge in the holder is not forceful.
•    When moving the cartridge, don’t touch or stop it.


Solution 4: Reinstall/Update an Outdated Printer Driver



If the Canon B200 error persists after trying all the above-mentioned solutions, you need to reinstall or update the Canon printer by visiting its official website Using an outdated printer can make it prone to the error code B200. If none of the solutions works, replacing the printer is the best thing you can do to keep the annoyance at bay.



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