How to Setup Canon Pixma TR7520?

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  • 29 April 2022

We know that you have plodded to set up your Canon Pixma TR4520 printer for your business conditions. There are colorful ways to set up your printer. 
Canon Pixma TR7520 series are influencing all areas whether marketable, domestic, educational etc. 
Canon India requests conforming an expansive range of advanced digital imaging products and results in India. 
Moreover, Canon offers a wide-range of products similar as digital product printers, large format printers, marketable printers, multi-functional bias, managed document services, inkjet & ray printers, document and cheque scanners, digital cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, cinematic imaging products, surveillance cameras and medical imaging products feeding to distant request parts of consumer, SME, B2B, government etc. 
In this post, you'll find several ways through which you can set up your Canon Pixma TR4520 printer so that you can amazing printing experience and can gauge your business to the coming position.

Setup Canon Pixma TR7520 - 

For Windows - 

Follow the below steps to begin the Easy Wireless Connect process to connect the printer to your wireless network with a Windows PC. 
There are two methods – 

Begin the setup process on your printer. 
•    Switch on your printer.  
•    In case the printer is busy with cleaning, print head alignment or another process, wait until it gets completed. 
•    Click on the Network Status Button (A) on the printer. 
•    Click on LAN settings on the Basic network information screen. 
•    Click Wireless LAN -> Wireless LAN setup. 
•    Click Easy wireless connect -> Yes. 
•    When the printer preparation will be finished, the below screen will be displayed. 

Download and run the setup file on your system.
•    Setup can also be executed by using the Setup CD. 
•    Locate the setup file. 
•    Go through the information and know-how you can run the setup file in case it doesn’t begin automatically then choose Download. 
•    Choose Start Setup. 
o    Using the updated software found on the internet will be displayed while using the Setup CD. In case this option is enabled then the setup program will check the internet for the latest drivers and software for the printer. 
•    In case it’s not enabled, the setup program will use the drivers and software installed on the setup CD. 
•    Choose the proper region and then Next. 
•    Choose Yes on the license agreement. 
•    Opt Agree or Do not Agree to the Extended Survey. 
•    Choose Next on the firewall settings screen. 
•    Choose yes on the connection method screen. 
•    In case the Select wireless router screen gets displayed, choose the wireless router for connecting the printer, mention the Network Key (password) and choose Next. 
•    Your router and network settings will let you know whether the below screen will be displayed or not. 
•    The setup process will be continued. Wait until it gets finished. 
•    The network connection has been finished. Choose Next. 
•    Your printer drivers will be installed now. You can execute a test print if required. 
•    Choose Next on the setup complete screen. 
•    Select any optional application software you want to add and choose Next. 
•    Choose Next on the You Can Print… screen. 
•    Choose Next or Skip on the User Registration screen. 
•    Choose Exit. You can now print wirelessly. 
•    Click OK on the printer. 

Wi-Fi setup with a Mac – 

To use the printer to print or scan wirelessly on Mac system, the printer must be connected to the wireless network then after software must be installed on your system. 

There are two methods – 
Begin Easy wireless connection on the printer. 
•    Turn on your printer. 
•    In case the printer is busy with a print head alignment or another process, wait until it gets finished. 
•    Choose the Network Status Button (A) on the printer. 
•    Choose LAN settings on the WLAN setting list screen. 
•    Choose Wireless LAN -> Wireless LAN setup. 
•    Choose Easy wireless connect -> Yes. 
•    When the printer preparation will be finished, below screen will appear. 
•    Go back to the setup application screen and proceed with the setup. 


Download and run the setup files on your operating system. 
•    Locate the setup file. Go through any warning messages which appear during setup then choose Download. 
•    In case you see the below messages – choose OK then control-click on the setup file, choose Open then choose Open in the error message window. This will enhance the setup program to proceed. 
•    Choose Next on the first screen. 
•    Mention your system User name and Password then choose Install Helper. 
•    Choose Start Setup. 
•    Choose the proper region then click Next. 
•    Tap Yes on the License Agreement screen. 
•    Choose Agree or Do not Agree to the survey. 
•    A status check will be displayed. 
•    Choose Yes on the connection method. 
•    Setup will be continued. In case the chosen wireless router screen gets displayed, choose the router to connect to the printer. Mention the network key (password) and tap Next. 
•    Your router and network settings will determine whether or not this screen will be displayed. 
•    The network connection has been finished. Click Next. 
•    IJ Scan Utility has been installed. Wait until it gets finished. 
•    In case the below message gets displayed, choose Allow. 
•    Tap ‘Add printer’ on the Add printer screen. 
•    On the Add screen, choose the Canon TR7520 series with Bonjour Multifunction mentioned in the kind column. Choose AirPrint or Secure AirPrint in the Use: drop-down list then clicks Add. 
•    Click Next on the Add printer screen. Click Next. 
•    Setup has been finished. Click Next. 
•    Choose any optional software required then click Next. 
•    Click Next -> choose Next or Skip. 
•    Choose Exit. 

Canon Pixma TR7520 review

This Canon printer is an all-in-one printer that is effective for a diverse range of uses. Due to its compact size, it gets fit into tight spaces and its disparate connectivity options make them easy to set up. 
Sometimes the black ink ends quickly but the color cartridges can yield many other pages with the help of that you can print color photos. 
It’s very cost-effective in the long run. 
The bad part is it prints slowly for black as well as colored documents but for pictures it prints fast. 
Due to the presence of an automatic document feeder, it cannot execute duplex scanning which sometimes becomes irritating and frustrating for such sort of offices that are required to scan double-sided documents consistently. 

Our Verdict – 

7.7 Family 
Amazing overall cost-per-print. 
Amazing photo printing quality. 
Delightful mobile app

Poor black page yield. 

5.6 Small/Home Office 
This printer is improper for home and small offices. The black ink cartridges end quickly which is why it needs to be replaced often and it is very slow at printing black color documents. The automatic document feeder is an advantage but due to lack of duplex scanning proves to be an issue in case you require to process long, double-sided documents. 
Consists of an automatic document feeder. 

The poor yield of black page. 
Has a slow printing speed for black as well as colored documents. 
Duplex scanning is not available. 

8.1 Student 
It’s an amazing printer for students. Printing in black is cheap and it’s better for color printing. 
It can pull out the first page of a black document quickly but consequent pages aren’t quicker.
Users like you can easily connect to the printer through your existing Wi-Fi network and with the help of Canon’s amazing app, users like you can access maximum functions only by using their smartphone. 
Outstanding overall cost-per-print. 
Amazing mobile app. 

Poor yielding of black page. 
Slow printing speed for black and colored documents. 


Test Results – 
6.5 Build and Design Quality – 
This Canon printer has an overall average design. The printer is completely plastic and the power cable is detachable which makes it easy to replace so that it cannot gets damaged. 
The scan lid can be opened for long hours without any aid but it cannot be widened to scan wider documents. 
While executing the print job, the display console has to be raised manually and the cartridge of the printer has to be replaced. 
With the availability of limited space, the output tray has to shut down so that it can be accessed to the front input tray so that both the rear input tray and the output tray can feel flimsy. 
On the last note, detaching paper jams is a tedious task because its only be accessible from the printer’s back and consists of pulling out a few pieces before jamming occurs. 

6.5 Display Screen 
The display console on the Canon TR7520 is average. Its large, touch-sensitive and consists of ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ physical buttons which will help you in navigating. 
Apart from this, there is a little bit of lag while navigating the menu and the display lacks sensitivity so sometimes in order to register an action, you will have to press hard. 
Sometimes you have to tilt the display upwards while executing print jobs as it can block the output tray but on the other hand, it makes it easier to see the display in case the printer is being placed on the lower table. 
In case you are having issues loading paper or changing the ink cartridges, you can access and follow some instructional videos for assistance. 
If you wish to have a printer having superior display screen then go for Canon TR7520 printer. 


Canon Pixma TR7520 Ink

You can go through some consumer-recommended suitable Canon PIXMA TR7520 ink replacements which cost 65% less than genuine Canon ink. These ink cartridges are created to fit and work properly with your printer as it displays correct ink levels. 
You can have ink replacements in longer-lasting cartridges and can avail larger savings with ink bundles.


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