How to Fix Canon printer error Code 5100

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  • 10 May 2022

This Canon printer error code 5100 notifies about the existence of a problem in the ink cartridge, mainly related to the jamming of the cartridge carriage. 
That’s why this error is related to a carriage error. It commonly is resolved by using service mode and displaying the printer heads when it has a blockage. 
So, in case you are having the same issue with your Canon printer then relax. 
This article will assist you in simple and easy methods to eliminate this error code. 

Causes of Canon Printer Error 5100 – 

There are diverse reasons for the occurrence of Canon printer error 5100 on your system. Knowing the exact causes will help in applying the proper solution. 

Specks of Dirt and Debris – 
When the exterior part of your printer isn’t covered then dirt and impurities get clogged in the printer which causes different hindrances and issues in your printer and Canon printer error 5100 is one of them. 

Fake printer cartridge – 
A faulty or fake or unauthentic printer cartridge causes Canon printer error 5100. Several users have encountered this reason for the occurrence of Canon printer error 5100. 

The impure print head and troublesome ink absorber – 
If you don’t clean the print head of your print device consistently then dirt and impurities will get clogged up which can generate Canon printer error 5100. 
Alternatively, in case your ink absorber is troublesome then this will also create this Canon printer error 5100. 

False paper size and thickness – 
In case you have incorrect paper size and thickness, your printer will be triggered to generate this Canon printer error code so that you have to reset your settings or change the paper thickness. 
Moreover, in case any paper got stuck in your Canon printer then it will also trigger this Canon printer error 5100 code. 

Improper ink cartridge installation – 
In case your ink cartridge hasn’t been installed properly then it will cause the occurrence of Canon printer error 5100 code. 
This code warns you to have proper ink cartridge installation. 

Fake or bad fine cartridge – 
In case you have fake or troublesome FINE cartridge then there is more chance that you will face this Canon printer error 5100 code. 

Methods to Rectify Canon Printer Error 5100 - 

Reset your ink cartridge – 

•    The ink cartridge is the most vital part of the Canon printer. Even a slightest fault can cause dysfunction of whole printer. 
•    In case the ink cartridge isn’t setup properly then it generates the respective error codes. 
•    This is why its crucial to reset your ink cartridge. 
•    Follow below steps to reset your ink cartridge – 
•    First, unplug your Canon printer from its AC adapter.
•    Disconnect all USB connections. 
•    Take out your printer’s cartridge door and pull out the ink cartridge. 
•    Lay down the ink cartridge in the main channel of the chip resetter.
•    Ensure that the cartridge chip align with the resetter’s contact plates and both are connected physically. 
•    Carefully press and hold down the cartridge for few seconds. 
•    Now the resitter will display a LED light several times to ensure its contact with the cartridge chip. 
•    When the light becomes steady, pull out the cartridges back into your printer. 
•    Plugin back your USB and switch on your printer. 
•    The error must be resolved after executing this process. 


Execute a hard reset –
•    Shutting down your Canon printer and executing a hard reset is an alternative to reset it and resolve the error 5100 code. 
Follow below steps for this  – 
•    Switch off the printer. 
•    Disconnect the AC adapter and wait for 10 minutes approx.
•    First tap and hold the power button and then resume it to execute a hard reset. 
•    Stop tapping both buttons after seeing the startup light of your device. 
•    When your device is booted, you shouldn’t have the error 5100 code when you fire the print command.  


Clean the printing strip – 
•    In case you have the chance to tap into the inward of your Canon printer, you will find a white plastic strip inside it. This plastic strip is called a printing strip and it’s mentioned at the top of the drive belt. 
•    When that print strip becomes dirty, you will face the Canon printer error code 5100. 
•    Luckily, strip cleaning is one of the simplest and easiest methods to resolve this issue. 
•    You only have to open your printer and verify to see whether the printing strip is clean or not. 
•    In case its not cleaned then clean it by using a clean dry cloth. 
•    After doing this, close your printer and try printing again to check whether the issue still exists or not. 


Remove jammed paper pieces – 
•    Paper jam is the other issue which can cause your Canon printer with error code 5100. 
•    For this, you have to manually check whether paper bits are stuck in the printer or not to ensure this is not the reason for this error code. 
•    Follow below steps to do this – 
•    Turn off your Canon printer and disconnect its AC adapter. 
•    Get rid of your printer’s paper output cover. 
•    Verify to see if there’s any paper sheet embedded into the cassette. If there exists, take them out. 
•    After doing this, the next point is the ‘FINE Cartridge Holder’. 
•    Properly shift the FINE cartridge holder and get rid of all paper pieces around the spot. 
•    In case the jammed paper in the FINE cartridge holder compartment is rolled, properly pull it out with both hands. 
•    When you are sure that all jammed papers are removed, cover the paper output area of your printer. 
•    Insert some fresh paper and try to use your printer like you normally would. 
•    After this, the Canon printer error must be resolved. 


Take off dirt and impurities from your printer – 
•    As mentioned above, dust and impurities can cause multiple dysfunction. You must have a dry, soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol to properly clean the insides. 
•    Follow below steps to clean your Canon printer – 
•    Switch off your printer and disconnect it from the power source. 
•    Take your soft, clean cloth and use it to clean the printer’s exterior to avoid more impurities inside the printer while cleaning the interior. 
•    After doing this, use a separate lint-free, clean and soft cloth and place some rubbing alcohol on it. 
•    Now use the damp cloth to clean the interior of your printer but ensure you lightly move any hardware. 
•    Take time for cleaning process. 
•    After this, resolve any back you have removed and connect the printer and try printing again. 


Reset your printer’s ink absorber – 
•    The ink absorber is an integral of a printer that helps in absorbing waste ink. In maximum cases, a simple reset of the ink absorber will resolve this problem. 
•    Follow the below steps to reset your Canon printer – 
•    Shut down your printer and disconnect it from the power source. 
•    Wait for some time, then tap and hold the power button without connecting back the AC adapter. 
•    When holding the power button, connect the AC adapter to the power source. 
•    Now, get away from the power button and wait for some time. 
•    Now push the power button as you normally do and the ink absorber will be reset. 
•    Now use your printer to verify the existence of the error. 

Verify your printer’s pathway – 
•    Several users have mentioned that their printers displayed the error code 5100 code because their printer’s pathway has been blocked. 
•    This issue can exist when the cartridge has an inconsistent or hindered movement. In case the cartridge doesn’t operate as it should then the printer’s pathway might become hindered as well. 
•    So, ensure your printer’s pathway is free and your cartridge moves the way it should. 
•    Verify your cartridge to check whether or not there’s an obstruction causing it to move it inconsistently. 

Altering your ink cartridge – 
The Canon printer error 5100 generates due to improper ink cartridge adjustment. Altering your ink cartridge and ensuring it exists effectively can solve this problem. 
Follow the below steps – 
•    Open your printer’s cartridge panel and get rid of each color package in the printer.
•    Now clean the cartridge space and properly re-install each color package one at a time. 
•    After reinstalling the packages, ensure that they are sitting effectively and compactly in their dedicated spaces. 
•    Now try a test print to check whether your printer will work without the error code or not. 

Conclusion – 

Ensure you have gone through the above steps diligently to resolve your Canon printer error code 5100 so that you never have to experience this error again in the future. 
In case the problem still exists then you can take help to Canon support for professional assistance. 


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